About D&D Air Conditioning Sarasota FL

From the Desk of Brian Drechsler

On January 1, 1986 D&D Air Conditioning Sarasota FL opened its doors.

At the age of 25 my dad, Donald Drechsler, ushered in a new concept in air conditioning service. First there were technical companies who understood the principals of how an air conditioning system should operate. They did quality installations but did not understand what the customer wanted. The other type was the Marketing and Sales Air Conditioning Company who understood what the customer wanted but lacked the technical abilities to accomplish what they promised. He merged these two types of companies to set a new standard in Air Conditioning.

Now, 30 years later, I am following in my father’s footsteps maintaining what he established 30 years ago giving D&D an unparalleled reputation as a high quality air conditioning contractor on the West Coast of Florida. We are proud to be affiliated with some of the best known and reliable brands in the industry. We are a Trane TCS dealer which is their highest level contractor, as well as a Mitsubishi diamond contractor. We also work with many other brands to bring the highest quality in both equipment and materials.

Our entire staff is trained and knowledgeable and we work hard to make your experience with our company stress-free and enjoyable.

From the first phone call to the office and until you job 100% complete and you are 100% satisfied we will make sure you are “Living Comfortably with D&D”.

Serving Florida for 30 years